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[patch] Fix setup.exe chooser page header column borkage.

  There's a loophole in's handling of the header column widths.

  You can see this by starting it up and running as far as the package chooser
screen.  When it maximizes itself, click the view mode cycle button once and
minimize it.  The header column display gets munged.  Note that you may need
to be running on a fairly large desktop size to see it happen; I use
1600x1200, and the delta in the x width when maximised compared to the
previous window width at original size is crucial here.

  Another way to reproduce the bug is to run through to the chooser and
immediately minimize it.  Drag setup.exe to the left-hand-side of your screen,
then grab its right-hand window frame edge and drag to resize the window as
wide as it will go.  Switch from category to Full view mode, grab the edge and
drag it to shrink the window back down again; the width of the header bar will
suddenly jump to less than the chooser window size.  Do this a couple of times
and you can resize the header bar right down to zero, it's cumulative.

  What happens is that whenever a WM_SIZE message is received, the handler in
PickView::WindowProc adjusts the width of the right-most column by the delta
of the window size, to keep the overall header width in sync and filling the
top of new chooser size.  The problem is that when you cycle to a new view
mode, that changes over to a whole new set of header items, and when you then
restore the window to its original size, the delta x is subtracted from the
new final header item rather than the one it was originally added to.  On a
wide enough desktop, this can then go negative, which windows does not render

  Fixed by making sure to always adjust both final header item widths by the
same amount.  I had to break out the code that sets the column header ordering
in order to have a way to find the last_col value for both cat_headers and
pkg_headers that would be robust against future possible re-orderings and/or
having a different number of columns in each.

  Tested by both max/minimisation and free resizing around a switch between
the header categories.

	* (PickView::set_header_column_order):  New function,
	broken out from ...
	(PickView::set_headers):  ... here.  Call it.
	(PickView::WindowProc):  Use it here to find and adjust final
	column for both sets of headers.

	* PickView.h (PickView::set_header_column_order):  Add prototype.


RCS file: /cvs/cygwin-apps/setup/,v
retrieving revision 2.34
diff -p -u -r2.34
---	26 Jun 2009 15:09:07 -0000	2.34
+++	29 Jun 2009 03:30:18 -0000
@@ -86,15 +86,15 @@ DoInsertItem (HWND hwndHeader, int iInse
   return index;
-PickView::set_headers ()
+PickView::set_header_column_order (views vm)
-  if (view_mode == views::Unknown)
-    return;
-  if (view_mode == views::PackageFull ||
-      view_mode == views::Package ||
-      view_mode == views::PackageKeeps ||
-      view_mode == views::PackageSkips)
+  if (vm == views::Unknown)
+    return -1;
+  else if (vm == views::PackageFull ||
+      vm == views::Package ||
+      vm == views::PackageKeeps ||
+      vm == views::PackageSkips)
       headers = pkg_headers;
       current_col = 0;
@@ -106,19 +106,27 @@ PickView::set_headers ()
       pkg_col = size_col + 1;
       last_col = pkg_col;
-  else if (view_mode == views::Category)
+  else if (vm == views::Category)
       headers = cat_headers;
+      cat_col = 0;
       current_col = 1;
       new_col = current_col + 1;
       bintick_col = new_col + 1;
       srctick_col = bintick_col + 1;
-      cat_col = 0;
       size_col = srctick_col + 1;
       pkg_col = size_col + 1;
       last_col = pkg_col;
+    return -1;
+  return last_col;
+PickView::set_headers ()
+  if (set_header_column_order (view_mode) == -1)
   while (int n = SendMessage (listheader, HDM_GETITEMCOUNT, 0, 0))
@@ -810,7 +818,9 @@ PickView::WindowProc (UINT message, WPAR
             if ((dx = clientRect.right - clientRect.left -
                         lastClientRect.width ()) != 0)
-                headers[last_col].width += dx;
+                cat_headers[set_header_column_order (views::Category)].width += dx;
+                pkg_headers[set_header_column_order (views::Package)].width += dx;
+                set_header_column_order (view_mode);
                 set_headers ();
                 ::MoveWindow (listheader, -scroll_ulc_x, 0,
                             headers[last_col].x +
Index: PickView.h
RCS file: /cvs/cygwin-apps/setup/PickView.h,v
retrieving revision 2.18
diff -p -u -r2.18 PickView.h
--- PickView.h	24 Apr 2009 21:04:13 -0000	2.18
+++ PickView.h	29 Jun 2009 03:30:18 -0000
@@ -148,7 +148,8 @@ private:
   // Stuff needed to handle resizing
   bool hasClientRect;
   RECTWrapper lastClientRect;
+  int set_header_column_order (views vm);
   void set_headers ();
   void init_headers (HDC dc);
   void note_width (Header *hdrs, HDC dc, const std::string& string,

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