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Re: [ITP] task-1.7.1-1 (pinging for awaiting review)

Federico Hernandez wrote:

>>  I think you should replace "to do list" by "to-do list" or maybe "TO-DO
>> list" throughout :-)
> You know, I/we had the capitalized "TO-DO" version first. And while
> submitting it to Ubuntu/Debian then encouraged us to change it to "to
> do". So I guess there are endless ways of writing this...

  Well, I guess it makes sense to stay consistent with the other packages then.

>> includes "--docdir=/usr/share/doc/task"; but after the build, the docs end up
>> in .../doc/task-1.7.1, which is strange.  And the technique of using a tar
> The file has a specific explicit mentioning of
>      docdir = $(datadir)/doc/${PACKAGE}-${VERSION}

  :) Heh, your email crossed with mine while I was rebooting my modem.

> I would tend to do this as it makes the "installed" base of files more
> consistent acorss versions unless there is a reason/decision not to do
> it anymore.

  Well, 1.5 is basically moribund and 1.7 is going to introduce a whole new
bunch of ways of doing things that break with tradition, so consistency
between them might not be a relevant consideration.  (That said, I don't
actually know whether this is a new standard way of doing things or not -
still got to go digging in the archives for that.)


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