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Re: [ITP] task-1.7.1-1 (pinging for awaiting review)

Hi Dave

Thx for your time and help. It's appreciated.

Great news about the task package for 1.5. As you have mentioned that
it is GTG - will you upload it then and when. I just ask so that the
upstream prpject could inform users about this.

Now regarding 1.7:

> ?This appears to be intentional behaviour on the part of cygport at first
> glance. ?I removed the PKG_* and DOCS definitions from the .cygport file to
> see what a normal build would look like. ?After the cygport install stage, I
> have this:
> task-1.7.1-1/inst/usr/share/doc/task
> ...
> task-1.7.1-1/inst/usr/share/doc/task-1.7.1

As I saw this 2 DOCDIRS I thought that cygport has changed from 1.5 to
1.7 and looked around other packages how they get installed in cygwin
1.7 - for example wget. This one puts everything into
/usr/share/doc/wget. So I assumed that this is the new "standard" to
omit the version number of the package.

Since the upstream project choosed to install the documentation in a
"versioned" DOCDIR I decided that I had to add the PKG_* and DOCS
definitions to the cygport file to as well have an unversioned DOCDIR
for task like the other packages in cygwin 1.7.

How should we proceed. Is the package otherwise OK? Apart for this. Do
you want me to change something else?


PS I have another question: For the future how would updates/new
version of the package be handled. As I have seen I would post a RFU
(Request for update) to this mailinglist. Is that correct?

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