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Re: setup.exe option parsing in flux

On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 12:02:11AM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>I just checked in some preliminary changes to setup.exe option parsing.
>I modified it so that all saved options are now stored in a single file
>"/etc/setup/settings.rc".  Options are retrieved via a UserSettings
>"get" method.  As a stopgap measure, the old single-file method is used
>when an option is missing from settings.rc but all parsing of this file
>is limited to one function rather than in a few different places.
>I haven't done exhaustive testing on this.  It seems to work ok but I'll
>do more checking tomorrow.  At some point I'll add the saving of the chooser
>screen geometry.  That was more-or-less what predicated this rewrite.  I
>didn't like the fact that every class opened its own file and did its own
>parsing of the file; I didn't want to write another parser/generator for
>saving screen geometry.
>Anyway, please consider setup.exe to be unstable right now.  The CVS
>trunk is not ready for prime time.

Sorry.  On rereading, I see that "option parsing" was incorrect
terminology.  I'm just talking about "saved settings".


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