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Re: Cygwin 1.7 setup-1.7.exe minor display error

2009/6/26 Christopher Faylor:
> >>Yes. ÂThanks for doing this. ÂI hate working with this rc stuff. ÂI
> >>used to use Visual C++ to lay out the dialogs but, somewhere along the
> >>line, my installation bit-rotted.
> >
> >Well, adding those #defines is probably the final kiss of death for
> >ever being able to edit it that way again. Â(I tried it myself once,
> >but the first thing I had to do was unwrap all the lines because MSVC6
> >expected every entry on a single line for some reason. ÂIt made the
> >whole thing not much use except for noting down a few co-ordinates and
> >transcribing them manually into the real thing.)
> Actually, now that you mention it, I saw the same thing and gave up on using
> that technique too.
> Is there another, more friendly, tool out there somewhere that can be
> used for playing with this kind of layout?

I haven't actually used it, but this looks quite promising:

Even mentions MingW and says this: "To open a file which uses Win32
API symbolic constants, you will also need Win32 header files (usually
coming with you compiler)", which presumably means preprocessor


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