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Re: [ITP 1.7] dbus-glib

On 24/06/2009 03:11, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
if I understand you correctly, this isn't only a requirement for the
latest GNOME, it also won't work without the latest

... glib.

So I'd say, that's just one of the packages which constitute the
> GNOME update and you know how to do it. Just upload when
> you're finished.

Fine. Let me give you a headsup then, that among the GNOME libraries already in the distro, a few packages were split out into their own upstream tarballs: python-gobject2 from python-gtk2, and gnome-vfs2-monikers from gnome-vfs2. I will be adding these as well.

Other than that, I added these packages to the Cygwin package
maintainance list at

After I'm finished uploading, you'll want to rescan the packages in release-2/GNOME to get the current layout, as they have all been rearranged since way back when. (Of course, I will assure the upgrade is smooth, so there will be a number of _obsolete packages when I'm finished).

Once that's done (probably next week), I will be ready to ITP some more GNOME libraries that have never been in the distro.


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