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Re: [ITP] task-1.7.1-1 (pinging for awaiting review)

Hi Dave (and Yaakov)

THX for the feedback regarding the packaging of task. And sorry for me
"pinging" (we had a couple of user who have been asking for task in
cygwin though...)

I have now fixed the 2 remarks you had:

1) setup.hint

removed dependency to cygwin in requires
(but should be update regarding this as
it still advises to require cygwin)

2) task-1.7.1-1.src.tar.bz2

OK. Now I understand. I miss-understood the instructions. Thought that
only the ready build binary package should install and contain the
README file. And not the manual user build.
I have now switched to cyport as you recommended (THX for the
patches). I have included 2 small changes in the patch file: above
mentioned requirement for cygwin disappers and I have also changed the
build instructions to use cygport (using ideas and templates for the
text from other packages using cygport).

I have now re-uploaded the packages (without bumping the version
number as the package is not yet in cygwin).

So I would appreciate if you could take a new look at the new files at

Let me know if there are any problems. And thx for your time.


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