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Re: ITP: mingw-xz (1.7 only)

Eric Blake wrote:
> Not just that, but automake itself was the one that made distribution in
> .lzma possible in the first place, but now automake recommends .xz instead
> of .lzma.  In other words, with automake 1.11 now out, it is very easy for
> upstream packages to use .xz, with its smaller file sizes.  I was the one
> that released the upstream m4 using .xz, for precisely those reasons, so
> I'm happy to see Chuck working to make it easier to handle .xz files
> directly in setup.exe, even if it ends up being a slow conversion process.
> +1 from me for the new package

Tnanks, but just so there is no confusion: right now your "inner" source
tarball (e.g. the "unpatched upstream src") can be .lzma or .xz, since
we have the cygwin utilities and tar.exe support to unpack them.  Also,
cygport supports this, too.

What we don't have, and what I'm aiming for, is for the "outer"
-src.tar.xz tarball to be compressed using xz so they can be unpacked by
setup.exe itself into /usr/src (-src.tar.lzma is actually supported by
setup-1.7.exe right now).  Ditto for setup.exe unpacking .tar.xz binary


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