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[ITP] task-1.7.1-1


I want to introduce task into cygwin and let it become an official
cygwin package.

task is a todo list manager for the command line and supports the gtd

I have read through and subscribed to the
corresponding mailing lists.

The upstream project's homepage is at

I'm participating in the upstream project (maintaining the packages
for the different distributions - I'm the official maintainer for
Fedora - as well as bugfixing, design specifications and a little bit
of coding).

task is licensed under the GPLv2+

The upstream source compiles out of the box on cygwim so no changes
where applied other then creating the required task.README and
setup.hint files.

>From the setup.hint file:
# setup.hint for task 1.7.1-1
category: Utils
requires: libncurses9 cygwin
sdesc: A command-line to do list manager
ldesc: "Task is a command-line to do list manager.
It has support for GTD functionality and includes
the following features: tags, colorful tabular output,
reports and graphs, lots of manipulation commands,
low-level API, abbreviations for all commands and
options, multiuser file locking, recurring tasks."

You can get the 3 required files from:

task is part of Fedora since F10:

Federico "Fredde" Hernandez

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