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Re: emacs package size

2009/6/13 Ken Brown:
> The growth actually occurred with version 22 and was discussed a couple
> years ago ( ÂThe
> main problem is that the binary itself is huge, so I don't think there's
> much I can do about it. ÂAnother factor is that there used to be a separate
> emacs-leim package, but that got integrated into the main emacs package
> (starting with version 22). ÂI think this was an upstream change, not a
> cygwin repackaging.
> If you see something I could do, let me know and I'll try it. ÂDo you know
> if there's any linux distribution that splits things off?

Sorry, I don't actually know much about emacs, I just noticed the size
increase when installing it for testing purposes. I see Debian divides
emacs22 into a few separate packages, but it looks like that's mostly
to factor out the platform-dependent parts, so you don't really save

This probably shouldn't be a great concern; you're doing great work
getting Cygwin emacs up-to-date and improving the out-of-the-box


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