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Re: [ITP] OpenSceneGraph-2.8.1-1

Hello André,

El Miércoles 10 Junio 2009ES 16:09:25 André Bleau escribió:
> About OpenSceneGraph, I think you should first decide if you want it to be
> run through an X-Server, or not (native M$ OpenGL implementation).
> ?
> If you go down the X-Server road, you will not get hardware/driver
> acceleration for now. It may come in a future release of X11r7, as we had
> it in XFree86, but I don't know what is the roadmap for that. For the
> X-Server road, you would need libGL1, libGLU1 and maybe libGLw1 as required
> packages for your run-time package. You would need libGL1-devel,
> libGLU1-devel and maybe libGLw1-devel as required packages for your
> developer package. You would _not_ need the opengl package as a requirement
> of any of your package.
> ?
> If you go down the native OpenGL road, you will get hardware/driver
> acceleration, but you will need to load anything above OpenGL 1.1
> dynamically. You would _not_ need the opengl package as a requirement, as
> the required DLLs (opengl32.dll and glu32.dll) are part of M$ Windows. You
> would need w32api as a required package for your developper package. 
> The opengl package provides native implementation of opengl-related
> libraries GLUT, GLUI, and GLUIX.

Thank you very much for your advice. I am aiming the native OpenGL windows 
implementation, so I will drop the opengl requirement and I will remember to 
point w32api as a build requisite. OSG does all the GL extensions work, so it 
is fine by me to use opengl32.dll and glu32.dll.



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