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Re: Cygwin 1.7 release (was Re: ??? The library or libraries will be delivered[...])

On Jun  4 12:49, Dave Korn wrote:
> Chris Sutcliffe wrote:
> > Any possibility we could get a gcc-4 MinGW cross compiler and drop the
> > '-mno-cygwin' stuff?  It seems to cause no end of confusion.
>   Yes, but it's a lower priority to me than getting the base system solid
> first.  Also, it needs re-arranging w32api and the mingw libs into a real
> cross-$prefix/$target, rather than putting them in subdirs of $prefix/lib and
> $prefix/include as we currently do.  PTC for the gcc-4 cygport file if you
> want to help!  (I was planning to make the same one serve for both builds by
> defining a bash shell variable to tell it whether to build cygwin or mingw
> compilers.)

As for "low priority".  In the short run, as long as the actual mingw
cross compiler isn't available, I assume we could just stick to a gcc-3
package for this purpose, right?


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