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Re: Suggestion for terminal package maintainers

On 6/3/2009 8:53 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Jun 3 08:03, Ken Brown wrote:
1. Control-<space> appears to generate <space> in the cygwin console.

Right. That's because the space key does not return any other character then 0x20 in the Windows console, regardless of the modifier keys you're pressing. Same goes for Alt-Space which should ideally return Esc-Space or \240. Maybe we should really add that while we're at it.

From my emacs-centric view of things, I think you should. Both Alt-Space and Control-Space are used a lot in emacs, especially Control-Space.

2. Control-Alt-<any key> does not appear to generate anything (or maybe it generates NUL).

That's a longstanding problem which probably can't be fixed satisfingly. On non-English keyboards, the right Alt key is called AltGr and returns the modifiers Left-Control/Right-Alt. It's used to enter certain characters which are not accessible using the normla keys with just the shift modifier. For instance, on a german keyboard, the keys [/{ and ]/} are replaced with Umlaut-u and +/* keys. To enter the square and curly braces, one has to type AltGr-7 up to AltGr-0. The problem is, you can't distinguish between pressing Ctrl+Alt and pressing AltGr on these keyboards (or rather, in these keyboard settings).

What do linux and xterm do? Ctrl+Alt is a commonly-used key combination in emacs, so it would be surprising if they didn't work on a non-English keyboard. But I've never had occasion to try it, and I don't have access to a non-English keyboard right now. Maybe Andy knows the answer. In mintty, can you distinguish between Ctrl+Alt and AltGr on a non-English keyboard?


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