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Re: [RFC] ready for cygport to default to gcc4?

On Apr  3 13:54, Charles Wilson wrote:
> So, if I understand correctly, you're (gently) advocating
> #1) don't bump the ABI number of DLLs just because of cygwin-1.7/gcc4
> (of course, if there is some OTHER reason that the ABI changes, then the
> DLL number SHOULD be bumped).
> #2) hope that nothing breaks
> #3) if some app does break, it's up to that app's maintainer to rebuild
> as needed, NOT the DLL maintainer to ensure backwards compatibility,
> even though per #1 he has re-used the existing DLL number.
> #4) BUT no need to coordinate all of these rebuilds -- if any are
> required -- on some sort of official flag day
> I could go along with that, with the understanding that this means the
> official cygwin-1.7 rollout /may/ be a bit more bumpy that we had
> previously expected.

Yes, the transition to Cygwin 1.7 + gcc-4 might be somewhat rough.  But
I'm confident that, apart from the usual bugs, we have then done all the
really heavy lifting in one single major version bump.

> #a) While the more active maintainers are in the process of rebuilding
> packages (esp. DLL packages) with gcc4 -- whether before the official
> cygwin-1.7 release or after -- we /may/ see client app breakages.
> Hopefully, if they occur at all, they will be brief -- and even the less
> active maintainers will be able to react quickly /enough/ to minimize
> the disruption per #3.
> #b) For privately compiled clients of official DLLs whose ABI (may)
> change due to these transition issues but whose cyg*-N.dll name has not
> been bumped per #1 above, those private clients /may/ break. And people
> will complain, and we'll tell 'em to recompile. WJM, after all.

This is a nice summary.


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