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problems using the setup.exe program

Hi list I am fairly new to cygwin and am writing to ask a few questions about selecting packages when installing cygwin.

My problem I am facing is this.

I am blind, as a result in order to use a computer I use a program called a screen reader. The screen reader allows me to do most things on the computer
such as reading and writing e mails, browsing the net and installing the majority of programs.

However there are problems with the cygwin installer. At the moment, the setup is useable until the package selection screen is reached. Now it is possible
to select to install a hole category such as editors or devl.

However, if I want to go and install only some packages from a particular category such as say quilt or subversion from devl it is not possible at the moment
to expand these categories and select individual packages using the keyboard and some other functions my screen reader has for working with the mouse.

I was wondering, would it be an easy task for the cygwin installer to be redesigned to make it more friendly to screen readers? as there are a large number
of people who are blind that I no of that use cygwin who face the same problem.

As at the moment, unless I can get someone who can see to help me, the best I can do is install hole categories of things just to get one package meaning
I waste several gbs of space on my hard drive.

Even if it is not possible to redesign the setup program, which I no would take time, given the fact I need to reinstall cygwin on my system, does anyone
no if it is possible to write some kind of custom setup script or ini file that would download only the packages and there dependencies I need to install.

As at the moment it isn't that easy for me to get access to sighted help, and I will end up wasting several gbs of space just to install a few packages.

Thanks very much for your help.


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