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Re: [ITP] Macaulay2 1.1

On Nov 13 12:16, Daniel R. Grayson wrote:
> PS: Macaulay2 depends on various other 3rd party packages, which are not yet
> set up as cygwin packages, namely: singular-factory, gc, singular-libfac, and
> ntl.  


> I don't suppose someone has come forward to create those packages...
> Our Makefile is set up to automatically download the source code for those
> packages, in case they aren't found.  Perhaps you have a policy against package
> makefiles doing that.  If so, then a simple option to the configure script will
> prevent it.  If not, then I don't have to make all those other packages!
> Alternatively, I could provide a bulky source code package that includes the
> source code of those other packages.  But you might prefer me not to do that,
> either.
> Let me know your preferences.

Usually you should provide the packages which your package depend on as
well, if nobody else is doing it.  It's really not feasible to depend on
something which isn't available to the user.  I'm wondering, why don't
you just provide and maintain these additional packages instead of
creating this bulky source code package?  In the end the effort
shouldn't be very different, given that they are otherwise built
automatically anyway.  There's also the fact that some of the above
packages provide shared libraries usually, at least the gc package.  You
can't use the shared libs from your package if you don't provide them as
well.  So you're linking statically, but does that make sense?  The gc
package at least might be useful for others as well.


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