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ITP: {lzma-utils/liblzmadec-devel/liblzmadec0}-4.32.7-1

One of these days, I'll learn to check cygwin-ports before porting a new

Note that the lzma-utils package is essentially the same as the lzma
package provided by cygwin ports:

  * both are derived from the lzma-utils source code

  * BUT, lzma from cygwin-ports replaces the lzma in the
    cygwin distribution; it provides lzma.exe

  * this lzma-utils package co-exists with the lzma in the
    cygwin distribution; in fact it currently requires: it.
    * this is because my lzma-utils package renames its own
      lzma.exe to lzma_.exe.
    * eventually, I'd like to cooperate with the current cygwin
      lzma maintainer and use alternatives...

(The lzma in the cygwin distribution is derived from the LZMA SDK
source, but its lzma.exe program has been patched to provide an
identical command line interface to the one in the lzma-utils package,
as the upstream LZMA SDK lzma.exe command line interface is quite
bizarre. Confused? [***])

lzma-utils is in Debian, Gentoo, Red Hat, ... although sometimes under
the name 'lzma', even though all seem to be derived from the lzma-utils
source code, and not directly from the LZMA SDK source code.

The advantage of providing this lzma-utils package even though cygwin
already has lzma.exe from the lzma package, is that lzma-utils also
The scripts above use lzma.exe (NOT lzma_.exe). This works because of
[***] above.


============= lzma-utils.hint ======================
sdesc: "Tools for manipulating LZMA compressed files"
ldesc: "lzma-utils is a friendly fork of the LZMA SDK
software, and provides tools and scripts for manipulating
LZMA-compressed files. These tools are inspired by the
ones shipped with gzip and bzip2: lzgrep, lzmore, etc.
It also provides an alternate implementation of the lzma
program, here named 'lzma_.exe' to avoid conflicting with
the 'lzma.exe' program shipped with the cygwin lzma package.
NOTE: both lzma_.exe and lzma.exe support identical command
line usage, because cygwin's lzma package has been patched
to resemble typical gzip/bzip2 usage, rather than the
somewhat odd command line interface of the original lzma.exe"
category: Utils
requires: cygwin liblzmadec0 lzma bash diffutils grep less

============= liblzmadec0.hint ======================
sdesc: "Decoding library for LZMA (runtime)
ldesc: "Provides decode support for LZMA-compressed files"
category: Libs
external-source: lzma-utils
requires: cygwin

============= liblzmadec-devel.hint ======================
sdesc: "Development package for the LZMA decoder library"
ldesc: "Provides the header files and libraries needed for
compiling programs using the LZMA decoder library liblzmadec0""""
category: Libs
external-source: lzma-utils
requires: cygwin liblzmadec0

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