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Re: [RFC] 1.7 Packaging: Toolchain

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Dave Korn wrote:
|   I've got libgcc shared and working fine and correctly, either with a
| separate static libgcc_eh, or with it shared, although that's only an
| if you also have shared libstdc++.
|   Getting libstdc++ to work shared is being tricky; for some reason
| libsupc++ is only built static, which means libtool links it into
| only to resolve imports, not as objects that need to be exported.
| the --disable-shared libtool tag from libsupc++'s build configuration gets
| me what appears to be a complete libstdc++, but it fails in early startup,
| probably down to the relocs-in-.rodata issue; and that's where I've
got to.
| I'm not sure whether to just try and go for a
| combo, or to try and figure out what needs to be fixed to prevent the
| problem - if indeed that's what it is.

This thread seems to explain the logic behind libsupc++:

I'd say it makes the most sense to stick with the upstream
shared-libstdc-static-libsupc setup.  I gather that this this isn't
creating a complete libstdc++ though, but I don't see why.  libsupc++ is
being linked in via a convenience lib, which means that it should be
linking the .a with -Wl,--whole-archive, and exporting any symbols
therein.  Which method is being used for symbol exports, and what
exactly is missing?

BTW, what about libg2c/libobjc/libgcj?

| That's my plan.

May I dare ask for a timeframe?

|   Famous last words.  Yes, that's the scheme we decided on some time ago,
| but given how long it's already taking to get vanilla gcc4 working, I was
| just going to leave that as it stands for now.

I'm not sure I follow. Is -mno-cygwin part of the "vanilla" gcc now?

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