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Re: [RFC] 1.7 Packaging: Obsolete packages

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Corinna Vinschen wrote:
| I'm not sure if there's really a big difference between these two points.
| Since we're using two different installation directories, we can get rid
| of old cruft, if we just look carefully what's still used and what not.
| The release-2 directory has already no obsolete packages anymore.  Stuff
| like minires, which is now a part of Cygwin, can entirely go away as
| soon as all packages relying on resolver functions have been rebuilt.

The difference is if I want to reorganize a package when I rebuild it
for 1.7, e.g. right now I have:

pcre => pcre, libpcre0, pcre-devel, pcre-doc

If I want to rename pcre-devel to libpcre-devel, then normally I would
need an empty _obsolete pcre-devel package which deps libpcre-devel to
make the upgrade smooth.  That wouldn't be necessary if we don't support
upgrading to 1.7 in the same installation.

That may seem like a trivial example, but a transition like X11R6 to
X11R7 would be a lot bigger.

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