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Re: New Cygwin 1.7.0-18 in release-2

On Wed, July 23, 2008 7:00 pm, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Jul 23 12:25, Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
>> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> | When 1.7 goes gold, the idea is to install over an 1.5 install.  Or
>> not.
>> | It's the choice of the user.
>> The advantage of "starting fresh" with 1.7 would allow us to dump a lot
>> of obsolete packages from the distro [...]
>> but IMHO everything should anyways be rebuilt for 1.7.
> I'd be happy if even the most important packages have been rebuilt for
> 1.7.  So far the reactions from the package maintainers were somewhat
> reticent.

I think that'll probably alter once there's a setup for 1.7.  Speaking
personally I *need* my installation of cygwin and couldn't stand to be
without it.  (I will get 'round to patching the base packages, but I
was/did hand these over to Igor; is he still around?)

X under 1.7 is a requirement for me.  Just wish I had the skills to get
the latest version working.

>> OTOH I'm not sure what the user reaction would be.  I suppose one
>> compromise would be to require users to "rm -fr /etc/setup" before
>> upgrading to 1.7.

Once X works, that works for me :)

> I'm still rather trying to smooth out the upgrade path so that there
> are as little as possible manual changes left to the user.  It will
> be bumpy nevertheless...
>> | There's no roadmap.  What's missing for a release is
>> |
>> | - A new setup.exe
>> |
>> | - The Cygwin utils are not quite up to speed
>> |
>> | - Documentation changes
>> |
>> | - Support by the package maintainers
>> |
>> | - Testing
>> |
>> | All of the above items could need a helping hand.  If 1.7 isn't too
>> | buggy, I plan to release 1.7 still in 2008.  When that actually
>> happens
>> | doesn't depend on me.  Cygwin 1.7 development has gone on for two
>> years
>> | and it comes with a lot of changes.  Not all of them allow a 100%
>> smooth
>> | transition.
>> | Eventually this release depends on the support it gets from all of
>> you.
>> I for one would like to "catch up" the distro to what I've made
>> available in Ports.
> Cool.


>> Could someone point me again to the current directions to install 1.7 in
>> parallel to 1.5 on the same machine?
> The problem so far is the "Cygnus Solutions" registry key and the
> default name of the cygwin dir, C:\cygwin.  When you try to install
> 1.7, both shouldn't exist.  So what I did is this:
> - Rename C:\cygwin to C:\cygwin-1.5.  Change this everywhere in the
>   registry.
> - My HKCU "Cygnus Solutions" mount table is empty anyway, so it doesn't
>   matter.  Rename HKLM "Cygnus Solutions" to "Cygnus Solutions 1.5".
> - Install Cygwin 1.7 with setup-1.7.exe into C:\cygwin.
> - Rename HKLM "Cygnus Solutions" to "Cygnus Solutions 1.7"
> - Rename HKLM "Cygnus Solutions 1.5" back to "Cygnus Solutions".
> Since 1.7 doesn't use the above registry key, it doesn't matter for
> running 1.7.  Just when calling setup-1.7 for an update, the registry
> key rename orgy starts again.
> We *really* need a new setup for 1.7 which doesn't access the "Cygnus
> Solutions" registry key anymore.

Agreed :(


(attempting to find some time!)

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