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Re: New Cygwin 1.7.0-18 in release-2

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Corinna Vinschen wrote:
| When 1.7 goes gold, the idea is to install over an 1.5 install.  Or not.
| It's the choice of the user.  Installing over 1.5 is supported by the
| base-cygwin package, which is supposed to convert the registry mount
| points to /etc/fstab mount points.  OTOH, a 1.7 install can coexist with
| a 1.5 install on the same machine.

The advantage of "starting fresh" with 1.7 would allow us to dump a lot
of obsolete packages from the distro (both old versions of libs, and
empty packages created for the purpose of smooth upgrades), and make
some more changes leading up to 1.7 without creating more.  It would
mean some things would have to be rebuilt (e.g. diff requires libintl2),
but IMHO everything should anyways be rebuilt for 1.7.

OTOH I'm not sure what the user reaction would be.  I suppose one
compromise would be to require users to "rm -fr /etc/setup" before
upgrading to 1.7.

| There's no roadmap.  What's missing for a release is
| - A new setup.exe
| - The Cygwin utils are not quite up to speed
| - Documentation changes
| - Support by the package maintainers
| - Testing
| All of the above items could need a helping hand.  If 1.7 isn't too
| buggy, I plan to release 1.7 still in 2008.  When that actually happens
| doesn't depend on me.  Cygwin 1.7 development has gone on for two years
| and it comes with a lot of changes.  Not all of them allow a 100% smooth
| transition.
| Eventually this release depends on the support it gets from all of you.

I for one would like to "catch up" the distro to what I've made
available in Ports.

Could someone point me again to the current directions to install 1.7 in
parallel to 1.5 on the same machine?

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