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RE: [setup] Extra files under source control

Charles Wilson wrote on 23 July 2008 03:01:

> Charles Wilson wrote:
>> Brian Dessent wrote:
>>> Charles Wilson wrote:
>>>> which are under source control in the setup repository really should
>>>> /not/ be stored in CVS.  They are regenerated every time you run
>>>> doconfigure, anyway.
>>> It makes sense to not have them in CVS from a consistency standpoint.
>>> However, those dirs are intended to be vendor branches (or whatever CVS
>>> calls it when you just bulk add external files) so that hopefully
>>> keeping a current version just means importing an upstream release
>>> tarball.  I don't know how CVS copes with that, I'd have to read up in
>>> the CVS book.  Dave, do you know?
>> Brian, as Dave never answered, does this constitute an objection, or can
>> I go ahead and remove the listed files?

  Sorry for taking a while to get to this one.  I have no objection as long
as you give it some thorough testing.  Any import-related problems can be
dealt with as they arise, we don't anticipate having to update the crypto
code often.
>  From here:

  Yeah.... that's how it's supposed to work in theory, but then CVS goes and
does this screwy thing of making the vendor branch the default revision for
all the imported files, instead of trunk...  which means that when you
checkout a fresh sandbox you get r1.1 of your own files and r1.1.1.1 of the
imported files and any edits you apply will be committed against the vendor
branch and you'll get conflicts when you try to merge and meanwhile when you
import a new version CVS merges any new files straight across to trunk
leaving it in a godawful mess of old and new files that still needs a merge
and then a bunch of conflicts resolved before you can even do anything with
it and by the way did I mention that cvs on /src went all screwy every time
I did a branch and I had to go in and fix cache files?  I did?  Well anyway
where was I oh yes and anyway you get this terrible mixed up checkout with
intertwined bits of branch and trunk and ...

  I guess what I'm saying is "I'd really like it if we could run 'cvs admin
-b' on the imported files, is that possible?"

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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