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Re: [setup] Extra files under source control

Charles Wilson wrote:
Brian Dessent wrote:
Charles Wilson wrote:

which are under source control in the setup repository really should
/not/ be stored in CVS.  They are regenerated every time you run
doconfigure, anyway.

It makes sense to not have them in CVS from a consistency standpoint. However, those dirs are intended to be vendor branches (or whatever CVS
calls it when you just bulk add external files) so that hopefully
keeping a current version just means importing an upstream release
tarball. I don't know how CVS copes with that, I'd have to read up in
the CVS book. Dave, do you know?

Brian, as Dave never answered, does this constitute an objection, or can I go ahead and remove the listed files?

From here:

it looks like you bulk import the third-party sources using the import command, and they automatically go onto the vendor branch (*not* HEAD). Then, on HEAD, you can make whatever mods you need -- such as removing superfluous generated files, like

Then, when it's time to update the third party sources, you import in bulk again, using a different release tag. However, these will still automatically go onto the vendor branch, *not* HEAD.

"For files that have not been modified locally, the newly created revision becomes the head revision. If you have made local changes, import will warn you that you must merge the changes into the main trunk, and tell you to use `checkout -j' to do so."

So, if you've removed some of the files on HEAD, I *think* they will stay removed on HEAD after you do a merge. However, if the newly-imported code has some additional files (an added directory with a new that should be removed from HEAD, you'd have to do that, on HEAD, manually after the merge.


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