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Windows Public Key Authentication

Hi all,

since quite a while I am fighting with the problem that Cygwin does not
create a separte login-session when you use the public-key authentication.
Unfortunatly I did not find any good solution to workaround this problem.

General speaking I have not a problem with the behaviour itself, but when
I use the public-key authentication the Windows Utility "diskpart.exe" does
not start. It only works when I use password-authentication instead.
But as diskpart is included in some scripts, it is mandandory for me to use the
public-key authentication.

I have already search in the archived mails and found some older entries from
the last years discussing this item. In one of the list I have found the following
statement: "It is a limitation of Windows and won't be remedied in the Cygwin 1.5.x series".

Based on this  situation I have the following question:

1) Does anybody know a good workaround/solution to make diskpart.exe AND
     public-key authentication working?

2) Does anybody know how to make it happen that a new user-session will be
     created using the public-key authentication?

3) When will the next major release of Cygwin (Cygwin 1.7 or so...) be released?

4) Does anybody know if the public-key authentication / own session-feature
    will be solved in Cygwin 1.7?

Many thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

Best Regards

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