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Re: setup.exe command line parameters

Reini Urban wrote:

For reference:
The current three command-line patches at the tracker are all against current HEAD and should applied in the following order:

rurban@reini /usr/src/cygwin-apps/setup
$ quilt series


I've finally got a few spare cycles to work on this and
pulled the current setup code out of cvs, done a basic configure
and build as per instructions in README and it worked.

So far so good.

Then I located the three patches you mentioned in bugzilla
and put them in my devel tree under


And created a setup/patches/series file to specify the
order for the patches. (As an aside, I had never used
quilt but I can see it will be handy...)

Looking at these patches, it seems that the 6689 patch
should run from within the setup tree, but 6688 and 854
should run from one level higher.

I ended up adding a "setup/" prefix to the filenames in the 6689
patch and it worked cleanly after that.

I've got quilt downloaded, but when I run it on my minimal
cygwin install it complains that it can't find "getopt"

A bit of googling turned up the hint that the util-linux
package has getopt, so that should probably be added to the
quilt dependency list?

So, after modifying the 6689 patch and installing quilt
and util-linux I now am configuring and building a new

I'll keep the list posted on progress. The goal is, of course
to get a setup that accepts a list of packages on the command line
so that I can help users setting up cygwin for building an arm
cross compile toolchain.

Cheers, Ralph

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