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Re: [setup patch] paint older-to-install versions red

Charles Wilson schrieb:
Reini Urban wrote:
Setup has a strange versioning logic:
The setup.ini lastmodified date overrides the package number

This patch marks the spin button red of such packages which installed version numbers are higher than the current version of setup.exe, when setup wants to overwrite "newer" versions.
Usually I have to click the spin buttons on those a couple of numbers.
It's a useful visual feedback of todo's.

I like the idea, but didn't we have a long discussion about /not/ using color *alone* as an indicator, to care for those with color blindness? How about changing the spinner to an exclamation point, instead:

But I need the cycle spinner in this case because I have to click on it a couple of times. Red is just the reminder to click on it.

In the patch are comments to SetTextColor the version number to red also, but this does not work, because I cannot get yet at the detailled ListView item, only the global ListView hdc.
So all subsequent text is red.
Reini Urban

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