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Re: Problem installing setup-1.7

On Apr 27 17:56, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Apr 27 10:41, Charles Wilson wrote:
> > Steffen Sledz wrote:
> >> I tried to install setup-1.7 on a system running a "normal" release 
> >> before. I've deleted the whole C:\cygwin dir from the disk and removed all 
> >> cygwin/cygnus related items from the registry.
> >> But after running the new setup the mounts for /usr/bin and /usr/lib where 
> >> missing. Also there is no /etc/fstab file. What went wrong here?
> >
> > There used to be a script,, bundled with the 
> > cygwin package itself (well, 1.7 versions anyway), that did this.  It was 
> > recently moved to a package of its own, 'base-cygwin'.
> >
> > However, that package does not seem to have been added to the 'Base' 
> > category, or has not been uploaded to the release-2 area (I don't know 
> > which). In any case, setup-1.7 didn't download it for me, either.
> It hasn't been uploaded to the release-2 area yet.  I simply forgot
> to do it yesterday, sorry.  I'm going to upload it in a minute.

Nevertheless, take the scripts carefully for now.  I have a nagging
feeling that my approach to fetch the old mount points from the registry
is not exactly foolproof.  Something about the rootdir...


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