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Re: Patch for unattended setup (updated)

"Dr. Frank Lee" wrote:

> I'm trying to compile from CVS and running into a few problems. Might I
> pick your brains, please?

Sure, but please use the mailing list rather than sending to me

> I see I should install some packages, which I do. I run which
> appears to run correctly, and ./configure with a number of options which
> appears to run fine. And then I run 'make', resulting in the command:
> test -f || /bin/sh ./cfgaux/ylwrap inilex.ll .c --
> flex  -8
> failing with exit code 1.
> This is a clean install of cygwin and I'm rather at a loss to diagnose
> much further. certainly doesn't exist, so it seems the ylwrap
> script is failing but this is starting to get beyond my area of
> expertise... is generated from inilex.ll by flex.  The ylwrap script is a
wrapper for invoking flex and handling the renaming of the output file
to the correct name.  I appears you don't have flex installed though, in
which case ylwrap can't do anything.

I see that README doesn't list flex as required, which I'll fix shortly.

BTW there is a similar thing with being generated from
iniparse.yy with bison, which is also required when building from CVS
and not currently listed in README.


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