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Re: libtool packaging errors

Christopher Faylor wrote:
*** upset: release/libtool/libtool1.5/setup.hint:11: unknown key 'conflicts: libtool2.2'

I've commented out the offending line.

Sorry. I remembered (from the last time I looked at the setup source code) that its lexer understands conflicts:, so I included it.

As it happens, that's about the ONLY thing that understands the conflicts: keyword. Setup will properly parse and store the information within the object representation of the ini file, so that myPkgVerNode->conflicts() will return the correct information.

But setup's installer does not use the information. And as we discovered, upset chokes on it as well.

So, any suggestions? These two packages -- libtool1.5 and libtool2.2 -- DO conflict. Ordinarily, we'd just have:


and it would "just work"(tm) like other packages do. However, this 'numbered' approach to the libtool packages (as opposed to the libltdl ones) was chosen for three reasons:

1) there is hope that in the future, we can have simultaneous parallel installations, just like ac-2.13/ac-2.61 and am-x.y. We're not there yet, tho.

2) legacy from the old libtool-stable/libtool-devel split

3) Three years ago (when libtool-2.0 was gonna be released Real Soon Now, We Promise), I had intended to continue maintaining parallel releases of 1.5.x and 2.0.x, and wanted separate prev/test/curr choices for each development stream. You can't do that if both 1.5-derived and 2.2-derived are all named "libtool"

Here are the choices as I see them (given that items #1 and #2 above are no longer operative)

A) give up on item #3, and consolidate all libtoolx.y into a new "libtool" package. Eventually, 1.5.x releases will not be easily accessible from setup, because the prev/curr/test 'slots' will all be 2.2-related.

B) Leave stuff alone, and just rely on savvy users reading the Announcements, which encourage them to "uninstall libtool1.5 before installing libtool2.2". If they don't do this, the "fix" is simple:
i) uninstall both libtool1.5 and libtool2.2
ii) reinstall the desired version

C) Fix setup to understand conflicts:, and update upset to allow such things.
i) I don't know how to do this
ii) Folks who do have more important things on their minds right now, with Corinna's 1.7 proposal



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