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Re: [GTG] Re: [ITP] rzip 2.1 -- Compression program to use long distance redundencies in files

On Thu, 20 Dec 2007, Dr. Volker Zell wrote:

> >>>>> Jari Aalto writes:
>     > Included in Debain stable
>     >
>     > Jari
>     > sdesc: "Compression program to use long distance redundencies in files"
>     > ldesc: "A compression program able to take advantage of long distance
>     > redundancies in files, allowing greater compression ratios. rzip uses
>     > a history buffer of up to 900MB, while gzip uses 32KB and bzip2 uses
>     > 900KB. rzip cannot read from the standard input or write to the
>     > standard output."
>     > category: Utils
>     > requires: cygwin libbz2_1
> Builds fine from source, packaging and setup.hint look good.

Minor typo in the sdesc: it's "redundancies", not "redundencies".
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