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[ITP] perl-Module-Build-0.2808

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Included in Debian stable:

required to build perl-Error

On cygwin ports, Yaakov used prerequisites of perl-YAML,
perl-ExtUtils-CBuilder, and perl-ExtUtils-ParseXS.  It would be nice to
also package those modules, but since perl-Module-Build comes with its own
subset of YAML support, I've omitted the dependencies for now (ie. the
package is less powerful, but I ran out of time to package the optional
dependencies today).

# setup for perl-Module-Build
sdesc: "Perl module for building perl modules"
ldesc: "A system for building, testing, and installing Perl
modules. It is meant to be an alternative to `ExtUtils::MakeMaker'.
Developers may alter the behavior of the module through subclassing in
a much more straightforward way than with `MakeMaker'. It also does
not require a `make' on your system - most of the `Module::Build' code
is pure-perl and written in a very cross-platform way."
category: Perl Devel
requires: perl
#maintainer: Eric Blake

Download from:


( dir=; \
  wget \
    $dir/setup.hint \
    $dir/perl-Module-Build-0.2808-1.tar.bz2 \
    $dir/perl-Module-Build-0.2808-1-src.tar.bz2 \

[and thanks to Yaakov for the awesome perl.cygclass - it makes porting
perl modules easy, for someone like me that knows very little about perl
modules other than that git wants to use one]

- --
Don't work too hard, make some time for fun as well!

Eric Blake   
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