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Re: [GTG] Re: [ITA] indent 2.2.9 - C/C++ language source code formatting program

Dave Korn wrote:

>   So here's a proposal: make cygcheck *not* suppress duplicate libraries when -v
> is given.  (Or perhaps only when more than one -v is given, if you'd prefer).

It already does that with -v, and much more.  It's very chatty at -v,

>   Or hey, even add a new flag/option/switch to it that is specifically for the
> purpose and that will actually output your requires: line for you, ready to cat
> straight into setup.hint?

Well, yes, all the pieces are there, it would just require a) running
the equivalent of "cygcheck -f" on each dll name in the import list and
then b) intelligently stripping off the version number of the package
name.  There are a number of various little details to handle though,
like what happens if a DLL doesn't match any /etc/setup/*.lst.gz file. 
In that case it's either a non-Cygwin DLL or not under package control. 
But there is a problem with this plan -- the idea is for a package
maintainer to use this feature when creating their setup.hint, but in
order to map a DLL name to a package name requires that the package
already be created and installed by setup.exe, leaving a .lst.gz file. 
This would lead to the case where it outputs an incorrect 'requires'
line if you are packaging a new package that consists of a main program
+ split library package, since the main program usually depends on the


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