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[ITA] distcc (ready soon)

Greetings all.

Respectful salutations to Jari Aalto with sincere acknowledgement of his
work in starting to adopt distcc (2.18.3) from Harold Hunt. If its ok,
I'd like to maintain this package instead. Chris Faylor / cgf asked me a
few weeks ago if I'd like to do so, in the context of a discussion of
distcc on the unofficial Freenode #cygwin channel. I had to reply at
that time, that I would ponder and research it. It seems like something
I'd like to do, I've decided.

I have been using distcc for several months on Cygwin and GNU/Linux. I'm
building a heterogenous distcc cluster bit by bit, populating machines
with cross-compilers, etc. Since I've been a Cygwin user for many years
I am not new to Cygwin, but I am new to package-maintenance on Cygwin.
I'll thank all in advance for any support you can extend to me in this

The last week has been intensely busy with local (offline) obligations
to fulfill, so I have not yet been able to set up a Net location for
download of the source kit for distcc-2.18-3. I have, however, built the
software from source (just pulled the source from the Setup.exe, as
Cygwin distcc is still abreast with upstream's last release). I'm going
to use the older traditional script build that Harold Hunt used, for the
time being. So to cut to the chase: in a short while distcc-2.18.3-[2?]
packaged Cygwin binary should be available for testing.

I also intend to write some Cygwin-specific documentation about running
distccd (the daemon) on Cygwin, especially as a Windows service. I
found, after extensive trial and error, a set of flags to set distccd up
with cygrunsrv, that seems to provoke no error messages from Windows:

(As an Administrator on the machine):
  | $ cygrunsrv -I distcc -d DISTCC -p /usr/bin/distccd 
  |    -a '--log-level info --no-detach --allow <example1
dotted-quad>/24 \
  |          --allow <example2 dotted-quad>/24' -n -o
  | $ cygrunsrv -S distcc

The command $cygrunsrv -V -Q distcc outputs:
        Service             : distcc
        Display name        : DISTCC
        Current State       : Running
        Controls Accepted   : Stop, Shutdown
        Command             : /usr/bin/distccd --log-level info
        --no-detach \
            --allow <example1 dotted-quad>/24 \
            --allow <example2 dotted-quad>/24
        stdin path          : /dev/null
        stdout path         : /var/log/distcc.log
        stderr path         : /var/log/distcc.log
        Special flags       : --neverexits --shutdown
        Process Type        : Own Process
        Startup             : Automatic
        Account             : LocalSystem
That seems to indicate a lack of even a fake error condition (which can
happen, as per the cygrunsrv documentation, when a typical Unix daemon
is run as a service under Cygwin). The key was obviously omitting the
--daemon flag to distcc.

   Soren Andersen

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