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Re: Emacs is coming back - all pleased?

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According to Steffen Sledz on 7/22/2007 12:48 PM:
> Eric Blake schrieb:
>> Go ahead and send a release announcement, so hopefully you can get
>> some more testers willing to try the version while it is still
>> experimental.
> Is there a template for such announcements?

Pretty much any one of the mails archived at serve as a guide.  Two things to
remember - the subject line does not need [ANNOUNCEMENT] (that gets added
automatically when the mail is carboned to the main cygwin list), and the
list unsubscribe information DOES need to be included in the body of the
text (the announce list does not add an unsubscribe trailer).

For a more relevant example, here was Volker's announcement for the
experimental xemacs release:

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