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Adopt ssmtp?

From digging thru the mail archives, I see that back in 2003 and earlier Corinna maintained ssmtp:

However, in late 2003, it looks like Robert Schneck took over:
His first release was about a month later:
and over the next eight months released a half dozen revisions. However, the last one, from Aug 2004
is the current version on sourceware, and Robert's web page says "I used to maintain the sSMTP package for Cygwin."

From the last package audit (has it really been almost two years?)
it seems that ssmtp was unmaintained.

So...I needed a quick-n-dirty mailsender in order to use libtool's commit script -- and my mailhost requires SSL/TLS which the existing cygwin ssmtp doesn't do. So I grabbed the latest sources from debian, their patchset, and whipped up a cygport package with openssl support. It seems to work well with my limited testing

Seems a shame for all that to go to waste, so I'm offering to adopt this package. -src and binary packages here:

updated setup.hint
category: Mail
requires: cygwin openssl
sdesc: "A minimal mail-transfer agent which forwards mail to an SMTP server"
ldesc: "This is sSMTP, an extremely simple sendmail replacement, which
forwards messages to a mailhub (e.g. your ISP's outgoing mail server),
and does nothing else."

-- Chuck

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