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Re: [PATCH] Setup: adjust copyright and fix the "installation finished" behavior for download-only mode

On Mon, 9 Apr 2007, Brian Dessent wrote:

> Igor Peshansky wrote:
> > The attached patch fixes the seemingly abrupt exit in download-only mode
> > reported in <> (and also
> > adds 2007 to the copyright range).  The ChangeLog is below.  Comments
> > welcome.  Please let me know if it's ok to commit.
> Looks good, please commit.

Thanks, but it turns out the patch wasn't tested enough.  Using the "Back"
button from the final dialog in download-only mode and then going through
setup again after changing the mode to "Install" would not change the
final dialog back to its original state.  The attached patch fixes that
(and also makes sure no extra files are created in download-only mode).
New ChangeLog below.

> I knew that copyright year display stuff would come up again.  I'm
> tempted to just remove it; I'm not really seeing what good it does to
> display that to the user.  And according to the GNU coding standards,
> we're supposed to bump the copyright year in the header of any source
> file whenever we make changes to it, which I don't think any of us have
> been bothering with either.  Sigh.

Well, I've adjusted it on the splash screen anyway.  And yes, I haven't
really adjusted it in the headers of the sources...  Sigh, indeed.
2007-04-10  Igor Peshansky  <>

	* resource.h (IDC_STATIC_HEADER): New control id.
	* res.rc (IDD_SPLASH): Adjust copyright.
	(IDD_DESKTOP): Make header text accessible as a separate control.
	* (set_status): Use eset() instead of SetWindowText().
	(header_string,message_string): New static variables.
	(load_dialog): Disable checkboxes and change dialog text in
	download-only mode.  Save header and message text; restore it if
	mode changes back to install.
	(DesktopSetupPage::OnInit): Move functionality to
	(DesktopSetupPage::OnActivate): Disable checkboxes in download-only
	(DesktopSetupPage::OnFinish): Avoid creating shortcuts in
	download-only mode.
	* desktop.h (DesktopSetupPage::OnActivate): Override virtual function.
	* (ThreeBarProgressPage::OnMessageApp): Deprecate the
	default fallthrough.
	* (do_download_thread): Explicitly return the next

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