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Re: [ITP] PHP 5.1.4 (cli, cgi-fcgi, apache2) [re-issued]

Lapo Luchini wrote:
> Max Bowsher wrote:
>> Total guess here, but are you trying to use DESTDIR? PHP is just weird,
>> and you have to use INSTALL_ROOT instead. In fact, I have vague
>> recollections of DESTDIR actually doing something else entirely, in PHP.
> Mhh, nope.. I'm in fact using your script, except a coulpe of mods ;-)
> I only added SQLite and MSSQL and removed PostgreSQL, right now...
> everything else is just ditto.
> (I was also trying to compile extensions shared, but that seems to be
> more complex, and I have this problem to solve first, anyway...)

You were right, it was to do with relinking.

I've updated with packages that build.

The source package is unpacked so you don't have to download many megabytes:

The particular line of importance is in the .sh script:

   sed -e 's/relink_command=\\"$relink_command\\""/"/' >
gbs.$$.tmp && mv gbs.$$.tmp

I suspect that nothing has, in fact, changed in this respect from 5.1.4
to 5.2.0 - rather, I probably had that hack installed on my system
libtool at the time I last built php.

As far as compiling extensions shared goes: I recall finding that to be
fraught with complications. It might be wise to defer that to a future
enhancement, after an initial version of the package has entered Cygwin.


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