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Re: signing off, mostly

On Mon, 4 Dec 2006, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> On Mon, Dec 04, 2006 at 10:01:51AM +0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >Hi Joshua,
> >
> >On Dec  2 22:20, Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
> >> Cygwin Community,
> >>
> >> It's been a fun few years that I've been maintaining the Cygwin
> >> documentation, but I think it's come time to ask for replacement
> >> volunteers. I now rarely use Windows and just realized when
> >> I got a few minutes on my wife's laptop that it doesn't even
> >> have the build tools installed, and that the "FAQ alert" I was
> >> going to respond to is nearly two months old:
> >>
> >>
> >> The good news is that I believe I got cygwin-doc in a very
> >> stable state, so a lot of it is just a matter of building the docs
> >> from CVS, copying the files into a tarball, and releasing.
> >
> >thanks for your commitment in the last couple of years, it's been
> >highly appreciated.
> Big ditto from me.  I'm very sad that you are leaving Joshua.  It's been
> a real pleasure working with you.
> >I had two gold stars for you in my pocket, but now that I'm trying
> >to give them to you I can't find them... Igor?  Do you have two
> >gold stars in stock for Joshua?
> Igor, I just happened to bump into Corinna recently, and, coincidentally
> enough, I am now in possession of two gold stars (and a small number of
> Euros) myself.

Sleek!  Perhaps you'd care to share some pointers on the hippo list when
the statute of limitations runs out.

> Rather than let them go stale, I'd like to also apply them to Joshua.

Done.  This, incidentally, makes him also the record holder for the
shortest time period between gold stars.  But we all knew he was
special... :-)
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Freedom is just another word for "nothing left to lose"...  -- Janis Joplin

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