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Please upload: postgresql-8.1.4-2 (exp)

Corinna Vinschen schrieb:
On Jun 29 08:47, Reini Urban wrote:
Reini Urban schrieb:
Reini Urban schrieb:
I fixed some postgresql layout and src building issues,
detected by volker zell and myself.
I've had various duplicate man files and missed some other.
See Subject: "cygport pkgcheck" in the cygwin list.

Pong. Could you please have another look into your script? It's assuming that the whole process of downloading, copying and moving will take place inside of the existing postgresql directory on sourceware.

This won't be the case because the directory would be in a floating
state for quite some time, given the number of files and their size.
Rather, rephrase it so that the download and creation is done in
another dir and then the stuff is just copied over locally with
cpio or so.

Please download it into some private dir and then copy it over.
I just reworked the $url/$url, put out the mv command and repackaged the libpq3 and 8.0.7-1 src package.

I see a few glitches:

wget $url/setup.hint
wget $url/$url/postgresql-8.1.4-2-src.tar.bz2
wget $url/$url/postgresql-8.1.4-2.tar.bz2



# external source for 7.4.5
cd ../libpq3
mv ../postgresql-7.4.5-1-src.tar.bz2 ./libpq3-7.4.5-1-src.tar.bz2

This just moves the file and renames it, but the content stays the same, this way unpacking files into a directory postgresql-7.4.5-1, while the file is called libpq3-7.4.5-1-... That's not quite correct. The file should be repacked so that the sources get unpacked into a libpq3-7.4.5-1 directory.

No external sources will be unpacked into some libxxx-<ver>-<cygrelease> dir. There's no seperate libpq3 upstream package and I will not artificially create some.
libpq3 consists of one /usr/bin/pq.dll and is created as sideeffect of building postgresql-7.4.5-1.
This src package has now an additional cygport script for easier picking apart the various packages afterwards.

cd ../libpq4
wget $url/libpq4/libpq4-8.0.7-1.tar.bz2
wget $url/libpq4/libpq4-8.1.4-2.tar.bz2
wget $url/libpq4/setup.hint

cd ../postgresql-client
wget $url/postgresql-client/postgresql-client-8.0.7-1.tar.bz2
wget $url/postgresql-client/postgresql-client-8.1.4-2.tar.bz2
wget $url/postgresql-client/setup.hint

Here you're downloading libpq4-8.0.7-1.tar.bz2 and postgresql-client-8.0.7-1.tar.bz2, but where are the sources? Assuming they are in postgresql-8.0.7-1-src.tar.bz2, shouldn't the same rename and move into libpq4 take place as you did for 7.4.5? This would also require to rename the files in the source archive, of course.

same as above.
the sources for postgresql-client-8.0.7-1 and libpq4-8.0.7-1 are defined in the setup.hint, which points to the whole postgresql-8.0.7-1-src package.
unpacking them into some artifical postgresql-client or libpq4 dir is not right. there's no such client or library src package.
the only problem would be to pick them apart.
this is done in the updated build script.
(needed for the cygpq.dll only)

cd ..
rm postgresql-7.4.5-1.tar.bz2

this is left out now. you have to do that manually.

There are also 8.0.4-1, 8.1.0-1 and 8.1.3-1 on sourceware.  These are
obsolete now, right?


Actually, I'd even like it more if the script would download a complete
new postgresql directory, which I could simply replace the old one with.

I rather prefer if you download the new stuff, delete the obsolete stuff and keep the rest. this keeps the old datestamps, we are talking about 11MB files, and my server performs very poor.
# create the new postgresql 8.1.4 layout in some dir
# and download it
mkdir libecpg-compat1 \
libecpg-compat2 \
libecpg-devel \
libecpg4 \
libecpg5 \
libpgtypes1 \
libpgtypes2 \
libpq-devel \
libpq3 \
libpq4 \
postgresql-client \
postgresql-contrib \
postgresql-devel \
postgresql-doc \
postgresql-plperl \


wget $url/setup.hint
wget $url/postgresql-8.1.4-2-src.tar.bz2
wget $url/postgresql-8.1.4-2.tar.bz2

cd libecpg-compat1
wget $url/libecpg-compat1/libecpg_compat1-7.4.5-1.tar.bz2
wget $url/libecpg-compat1/setup.hint

cd ../libecpg-compat2
wget $url/libecpg-compat2/libecpg-compat2-8.1.4-2.tar.bz2
wget $url/libecpg-compat2/setup.hint

cd ../libecpg-devel
wget $url/libecpg-devel/libecpg-devel-8.1.4-2.tar.bz2
wget $url/libecpg-devel/setup.hint

cd ../libecpg4
wget $url/libecpg4/libecpg4-7.4.5-1.tar.bz2
wget $url/libecpg4/setup.hint

cd ../libecpg5
wget $url/libecpg5/libecpg5-8.1.4-2.tar.bz2
wget $url/libecpg5/setup.hint

cd ../libpgtypes1
wget $url/libpgtypes1/libpgtypes1-7.4.5-1.tar.bz2
wget $url/libpgtypes1/setup.hint

cd ../libpgtypes2
wget $url/libpgtypes2/libpgtypes2-8.1.4-2.tar.bz2
wget $url/libpgtypes2/setup.hint

cd ../libpq-devel
wget $url/libpq-devel/libpq-devel-8.1.4-2.tar.bz2
wget $url/libpq-devel/setup.hint

cd ../libpq3
wget $url/libpq3/libpq3-7.4.5-1.tar.bz2
wget $url/libpq3/libpq3-7.4.5-1-src.tar.bz2
wget $url/libpq3/setup.hint

cd ../libpq4
wget $url/libpq4/libpq4-8.0.7-1.tar.bz2
wget $url/libpq4/libpq4-8.1.4-2.tar.bz2
wget $url/libpq4/setup.hint

cd ../postgresql-client
wget $url/postgresql-client/postgresql-client-8.0.7-1.tar.bz2
wget $url/postgresql-client/postgresql-client-8.1.4-2.tar.bz2
wget $url/postgresql-client/setup.hint

cd ../postgresql-contrib
wget $url/postgresql-contrib/postgresql-contrib-8.1.4-2.tar.bz2
wget $url/postgresql-contrib/setup.hint

cd ../postgresql-devel
wget $url/postgresql-devel/postgresql-devel-8.1.4-2.tar.bz2
wget $url/postgresql-devel/setup.hint

cd ../postgresql-doc
wget $url/postgresql-doc/postgresql-doc-8.1.4-2.tar.bz2
wget $url/postgresql-doc/setup.hint

cd ../postgresql-plperl
wget $url/postgresql-plperl/postgresql-plperl-8.1.4-2.tar.bz2
wget $url/postgresql-plperl/setup.hint

cd ../postgresql-plpython
wget $url/postgresql-plpython/postgresql-plpython-8.1.4-2.tar.bz2
wget $url/postgresql-plpython/setup.hint

cd ..

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