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Re: splitting category Devel?

If you want to redefine "Libs" as DLLs-only, might I suggest "Runtime"
or "Runtimes" as a better name?


On 3/26/06, Max Bowsher <--snip--> wrote:
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> Lapo Luchini wrote:
> > Category "Devel" is huge, really huge.
> > The main "reason" behind this (from my point of view, of course) is
> > that it contains both "tools" (compilers, versioning systems, and so
> > on) and "libraries" (the many many many lib*) useful for developers.
> > I propose to divide it, maybe, in something as straightforward as
> > "Devel-tools" and "Devel-libraries"?
> >
> > Another idea could be to have even smaller categories:
> > - compilers and intepreters (we would have well over 20 packages in
> > this category, AFAIR)
> > - versioning systems (we got 4 or 5 already, if I'm not wrong, would
> > be around 15 packages I think)
> > - libraries (I can't imagine any sub-category here, possibly X11 and
> > not-X11)
> >
> > Comments, ideas, suggestions?
> I like the second scheme.
> Whilst we are doing it, we could also standardize what we mean by the
> "Libs" category - only packages actually providing DLLs? Or anything
> that is library-related in any way?
> Max.
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