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Re: [ITP] util-linux

Charles Wilson wrote:
> Yaakov S (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
>>> Please, DO NOT UPLOAD until a new cygutils package without the
>>> conflicting commands is uploaded first.

> Sorry, had family commitments all last week/this weekend.  Hopefully I
> can look at this stuff later this week, and adapt cygutils if
> necessary.  It'd be good if someone *other* than me could take a look,
> before I unilaterally pull a bunch of apps out of cygutils...

I've got a version of cygutils (1.3.0-1) ready to upload which has the following programs removed:
cal col colcrt colrm column ddate getopt mcookie namei rename rev
Its upload needs to be synchronized with the following:

(1) adding Yaakov's util-linux
(2) Q: maybe cygutils' setup.hint file should require: util-linux
       PRO: that way, people won't suddenly see their favorite little
            utility disappear
       CON: util-linux requires e2fsprogs and libpcre0.  Since cygutils
            is required by some packages in the Base category, this
            would effectively pull util-linux, e2fsprogs, and libpcre0
            into Base.  Not sure that's a good idea, just so somebody
            can keep their 'ddate' working.
(3) agetty, more, and setsid would have to be marked _obsolete AND dummy
    packages with version numbers larger than their respective current
    versions uploaded, for each of those three.

Finally, I have a few questions about the util-linux -2 packaging.

(A) why are `more' and `arch' in /bin and not /usr/bin ? ("That's the way linux does it" is not sufficient: on linux, there is actually a difference between the two directories.) I'm uncertain that setup.exe will DTRT here, since it is NOT a cygwin program...I'm *fairly* sure it will DTRT, since otherwise all our stuff in /usr/bin wouldn't unpack into CYGWINROOT\bin\ properly but ...

(B) After installing all the prerequisites listed in the README, I can't build the util-linux package. pg.c fails with
pg.c:62:22: nl_types.h: No such file or directory
nl_types is provided by the catgets package, but that's not listed as a prereq. (Further, why is it using catgets, instead of gettext? everything ELSE in util-linux seems to use gettext...) This is probably a build-type NOT run-time dependency, since I doubt pq exec's the gencat.exe utility.

Anyway, after installing the catgets package...the build succeeds.

So, these two issues must be addressed -- and the question in (2) must be answered -- before actions (1) (2) and (3) should be scheduled.


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