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Re: setup.exe: feature request with patch

> > On Mon, 6 Mar 2006, Dr. F. Lee wrote:
> >> I deploy cygwin using unattended ( and wpkg
> >> ( It's useful for me to be able to specify additional
> >> packages to be installed on the command line. The attached file is a patch
> >> to
> >> provide this: call "setup -p package1,package2,package3,...,packageN" to
> >> have
> >> packages1-N artificially included in the 'Base' part of the distribution
> >> and
> >> hence automatically included.
> >
> >  Simply set up a local package server with one
> > empty package, which is in Base and "requires:" all the packages you need
> > installed.
> Had thought about that, but I didn't see how to specify two repositories
> on the command line - and I didn't fancy having to run an httpd to serve
> a few files when it seemed like a useful thing for setup to do from the
> command line.

It also would work for people without access to a web server, and probably
be easier for blind users (we've had a couple of requests). I'd actually like a
copy of your build, if you wouldn't mind emailing it to me off-list or posting a
URL with testing instructions to the main list. Perhaps someone could even
put it at

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