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Re: setup.exe: feature request with patch

Hi All,

This is a reposting of a mail I sent to - more appropriate to cygwin-apps.

On Mon, 6 Mar 2006, Dr. F. Lee wrote:

I deploy cygwin using unattended ( and wpkg
( It's useful for me to be able to specify additional
packages to be installed on the command line. The attached file is a patch to
provide this: call "setup -p package1,package2,package3,...,packageN" to have
packages1-N artificially included in the 'Base' part of the distribution and
hence automatically included.

No doubt there are many better ways of doing this (I'm not a C++ programmer
and had to go with 'what I could do' rather than 'the best way') but perhaps
this will be useful.

First off, thanks for the patch -- it's always nice seeing someone
actually try to solve the problem himself, whatever the eventual outcome.
However, patches to setup should generally be sent to cygwin-apps (you'd
have to subscribe).  FWIW, I've looked at the patch, and it seems to be
doing what it promises to do (with two minor nits: the global
packages_option seems superfluous, since you don't need to use it outside
of, and there is probably no reason to make a distinction
on whether something was added via the command line or the user's
selection)...  Further discussion of this should happen on cygwin-apps.

I'm a novice at C++, so I'm quite likely to have declared something incorrectly. I also couldn't see how to make the command line option set the default selection - which would be a more elegant method.

But, more importantly, you don't have to do *any* C++ programming at all
to achieve what you want.  Simply set up a local package server with one
empty package, which is in Base and "requires:" all the packages you need
installed.  But I agree that a command-line approach might be more
comfortable in some cases.

Had thought about that, but I didn't see how to specify two repositories on the command line - and I didn't fancy having to run an httpd to serve a few files when it seemed like a useful thing for setup to do from the command line.

(As an aside, I've installed a dozen or so machines with this setup now, silently and with all the packages I need - I find the patch useful so I hope someone would be willing to polish / advise me how to polish it so it could be included in the 'official' version).



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