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Re: RFC: [PATCH] Retry replacing in-use files in setup

The recent messages about in-use files and hosed postinstall reminded me
of this pending patch.


Lapo liked it.  Any comments from anyone else?  Should we scrap the idea?
What's left to do, besides the obvious cleanup?

On Tue, 14 Feb 2006, Igor Peshansky wrote:

> Hi,
> Here's a quick and dirty patch to retry replacing in-use files.  Unless
> setup is running in unattended mode, it will show an Abort/Retry/Ignore
> dialog warning the user that a particular file was in-use.  The user can
> "Retry" indefinitely, though the second and subsequent messages are going
> to be a bit more stringent.  "Ignore" will prevent any further pop-ups
> (the logic being that if even one file was set to be replaced on reboot,
> might as well do all of them).
> This worked for me in some limited testing, but is obviously not complete
> (e.g., "Abort" doesn't work -- do we even need it?).
> I'd like some comments from people on both the behavior and my
> assumptions.  The patch was intentionally done in whitespace-indifferent
> mode to make the actual changes easier to see, so please don't mention the
> sloppy indentation. :-)  Just in case this gets passed with flying colors
> and accepted into the codebase, I've included the ChangeLog below.
> 	Igor
> ==============================================================================
> 2006-02-14  Igor Peshansky  <>
> 	* (Installer::installOne): If file is in use, ask the user
> 	to stop processes and retry.

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