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Re: [Patch] Setup: Warn about dropped mirrors.

Op Wed, 16 Nov 2005 23:29:50 +0100 (MET) schreef Bas van Gompel
in <n2m-g.dlgdit.3vsvtmt.1<at>buzzy-box.bavag>:
[Warn about dropped mirrors]

One more iteration. This is what I've been testing/using for months
now. Before I start changing/optimizing this, I'd like to get it in.

[Oh and a big PING on those other setup-patches from me (and Igor[*]).]

Now using std::string, not String. Also, break write_cache_list out
of save_cache_file.

Improved ChangeLog-entry: (please fix the <at>.)

2006-03-06  Bas van Gompel  <<at>>

	* res.rc (IDD_DROPPED): New dialog.
	* resource.h (IDD_DROPPED): New dialog-id.
	* Add enum for response on dropped mirrors.
	(cache_is_usable, cache_needs_writing): New bools.
	(cache_warn_urls): New string.
	(cached_site-list, dropped_site_list): New SiteLists.
	(site_list_type::init, site_list_type::site_list_type):
	Change to four parameter form.
	(site_list_type::site_list_type, site_list_type::operator=) Copy
	servername, area and location.
	(load_site_list): New function, broken out of get_site_list.
	Support four-parameter site_list_type.
	(get_site_list): Break out load_site_list. Move reading cache
	earlier. Don't write new cache. Set flags to record cache state.
	Load both all_site_list and cached_site_list.
	(SiteSetting::registerSavedSite): Use four-parameter site_list_type.
	(drop_proc, check_dropped_mirrors, write_cache_list,
	save_cache_file): New functions.
	(SitePage::OnNext): Check for dropped mirrors and save cache as
	(SitePage::OnMessageCmd): Use four-parameter site_list_type.
	* site.h (site_list_type::init, site_list_type::site_list_type):
	Change to four parameter form.
	(site_list_type): Add servername, area and location members.



*) WAG.
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--  |  |   /    /   really is |   and false bits entirely.    | mail for
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