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GNOME 2.12.2 will be released upstream tomorrow, 30 November[1]. At that point, development will focus on the 2.13 development branch; 2.12.3 won't be out until February, just weeks before 2.14.0.


This would, at first glance, appear to be an opportune time to start *working* on gtk+-2.8 and GNOME 2.12, while continuing to push more GNOME 2.10 packages into the net release. Here are some of the issues involved:

1) libbonobo and libbonoboui skipped the 2.11/2.12 cycle, and with my recent bump to 2.10.1, they might be set until 2.14. Of course, libart_lgpl2, ORBit2, audiofile, and esound won't need anything for a while either.

2) GConf and libgnomeprint/ui appear to be skipping the 2.13/2.14 cycle, so bugfixing 2.12 is where their attention will be for a while.

3) I forsee some problems with the GNOME libraries due to Tor's integration of Win32 support without having considered Cygwin; at the same time, it may make some of the code patches smoother, especially with gnome-vfs and GConf. Either way, I believe Tor will be cooperative wrt Cygwin.

4) I've been trying to push as many patches upstream as possible[2][3], and I've been getting decent results, which will make further releases much easier.


5) pango-1.10 and gtk+-2.8 require cairo, which I have already built and I believe is working.

6) After some searching, very little in GNOME 2.12 require glib or gtk+ 2.8.

7) Both Debian[4] and Gentoo[5] have been slow to stabilize gtk+-2.8.


8) There's still the gtk2 vulnerability which we discussed earlier, which really needs to be handled quickly.

After all this, my conclusions are:

A) There's no rush yet on glib-2.8, pango-1.10, or gtk+-2.8.
B) We need a patched gtk2-x11-2.6.x (preferably 2.6.10) _ASAP_.
C) A bump to atk-1.10.3 would be nice, and can proceed glib-2.8.
D) I can start working on GNOME 2.12 right now.
E) In the meantime, I'll be pushing more of GNOME 2.10 into the net release.



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