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Re: setup installs packages without displaying it

Dave Korn wrote:

  Or you could untick the box that says "Install these packages to meet
dependencies".  Did that screen not appear?

Yes, now after I have started it the second time to fix the broken installation, I see this checkbox for the very first time. Not really a good place for a little check box, a hint in the main display would be nice. And maybe make it optional, that is not checked by default.

2005/11/25 14:33:15 Installing

file://G:\NewZealand\\pub\sourceware\cygwin/release/GNOME/share d-mime-info/shared-mime-info-0.16-1.tar.bz2

2005/11/25 14:33:19 io_stream_cygfile: fopen failed 13 Permission denied
2005/11/25 14:33:19 Failed to open
cygfile:///usr/share/mime/application/andrew-inset.xml for writing.

[... continued about 411000 lines ...]

  Hmm.  Looking at that file on my install, it's got rwx------ perms.  Were
you running as the same user when you originally installed that?

Hmm, explorer crashes and I lost my mozilla profile and some other ugly errors. Obviously I was no longer logged in as Admin after restarting explorer from the console.

Gerrit -- =^..^=

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