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Re: [ITP-adopt] curl 7.15.0

On Nov 22 19:55, Brian Dessent wrote:
> 2. I linked against GNUTLS instead of OpenSSL.  This eliminates a nasty
> potential GPL issue, which is detailed at
> <>.  Essentially, the situation is
> that OpenSSL+libcurl is fine license-wise, but if someone then tried to
> link that libcurl to a pure GPL app they'd be in violation of the GPL
> because of its incompatibility with the BSD advertising clause of
> OpenSSL.  A lot of GPL programs have the "openssl exception" for this
> very reason, but libcurl can't count on that.  It's probably not an
> issue right now for Cygwin, but it just seemed easier to me to ignore
> the potential problem and use GNUTLS.  GNUTLS doesn't support everything
> that openssl does, but the things it lacks (like the ancient SSLv2) seem
> to be relatively minor corner-cases.

It's not an issue for Cygwin and in theory I'd prefer if you could link
curl against OpenSSL.  OTOH, GNUTLS would be a fine additional package
for Cygwin, too (*hint, hint*).  Where is the GNUTLS package?  I don't
see it in your list of packages.  Since you linked curl against it, the
package should be provided anyway.


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