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RE: RFC: [ITP] Installation Profiles packages

Igor wrote:
> How about just .INSTALLATION-PROFILES?  Why have more than one
> category here?

Ok ...or just .PROFILES then? (KISS?)
 In combination w explaining words somewhere around the chooser:

"Use (one) choice(s) from the .PROFILE group to slant your cygwin
installation against a specific intended use." (too many words?).

>> AFTERTHOUGHT: The commandline "automatic install" possibilities need
>> to be considered before adding GUI-stuff.
> Adding "GUI-stuff" is easy.  Decoupling installation from GUI to allow
> command line "automatic install" is hard.
> 	Igor

Ough...  :-7
 Even going for;
  Not allowing profile++ selection for command line startup?

/STOP HERE/ if you're not open to new ideas.

I have to admit, I have yet to take a first read on the source. But anyway,
this might give other ppl ideas:

Definition: GCAS := all the _GUI _Choosers/selections _And _Screens

1) Would it be hard to make a command line startup bypass GCAS and head
directly for installation? In this: Requiring choices to have been made

2) Make it possible to run GCAS and the stop, with no download/install
sequence at all; saving selections made to setup file(s) - which can be
reused. Intention: to allow a run of 1) afterwards.

3) make files created at 2) be checksummed and say "The settings file(s) has
a bad checksum and might have been tampered with manually; BE WARNED!
Remember \"WJM\" <evil laugh>" if the checksum doesn't match.

And yes, SHTDI - but would it be a tedious task?


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