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RE: [ITP] Installation Profiles packages

> IMO, these packages should be in a special new category (I propose the
> name "@Profiles" to make setup put this at the top, but I 
> don't know if
> setup will parse this correctly).  I've attached a few sample profile
> packages for commonly requested configurations with the corresponding
> setup.hints.  We could probably concentrate them all in one directory
> (thus the '@ ...' lines at the top of the hint files).  All 
> the .tar.bz2
> files are the same empty tarball -- it's the setup.hints that are
> important.

Wow.  This sounds neat.

This would be particularly nice if setup.exe were modified so that on
an initial installation, it showed a "profile selection page" first,
instead of the package selection page.

The profile selection page would let the user choose one or more
profiles to install; the packages selected would be a union of the
dependencies from the profiles.  There could be a check box for
"advanced package selection" that the user could select if they
wanted to go to the regular package selection page.

Re-running setup.exe (for updates, as opposed to an installation)
would skip the profile selection page and go straight to the package
selection page.


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